Working with Trumando

Trumando has launched an e-commerce platform that facilitates online ordering of direct-to-consumer shipments of products by alcohol producers. Trumando ‘s platform is a turnkey solution for distillers who want to enter the online DTC market without the risk and costs involved with secure e-commerce sites and/or DTC shipping logistics.

This turnkey initiative will drive sales directly to the distillers or be your cart while promoting tourism to Kentucky and Kentucky distilleries – potentially generating in-person visits through online sales. Trumando’s e-commerce platform will be part of your total marketing campaign in both spirits and merchandise.

Trumando offers best in class of the following services:

Trumando’s Bourbon Cart Platform:  Spirits combined with other Kentucky products provide a unique mix and support search engine optimization for online bourbon sales. In supporting HB 415 guidelines our platform is especially effective in the areas of 21 or older filter and purchase packaging labeling, restricted locations, age verification, sales tax and analytics. Trumando’s e-commerce platform will be an effective part of a total marketing campaign in both the spirits and merchandise and transcend the transaction for your new loyal customer.

Packaging (optional): Trumando, can provide standard and custom packaging for shipping single or multiple bottles and related merchandise, helping you transcend the transaction with your DTC customer.

Fulfillment  Trumando is able to provide full service fulfillment at a savings of up to approximately 65% of internal costs and over 50% in standard shipping fees.

Compliance(optional) – Trumando  is working closely with the independent compliance experts and ABC and will track your monthly consumer capacity limits, file your monthly ABC reports, and manage your DTC reciprocal state relationships. We can help manage your responsibilities so you can focus on what you do best – distilling bourbon.